Flashback Friday: You have GOT to be Joking

It’s time for Flashback Friday, because “Throwback Thursday” is for lame wannabe hipsters (and not at all because I didn’t think of doing this until Friday). I started the first incarnation of this blog just over ten years ago, when I was desperately looking for things to do that weren’t studying for the Bar exam. I more-or-less regularly updated it for about five years, less regularly for another two years, and it’s been essentially dormant for the last three. When I moved everything to the current format, I basically archived the old posts, because, well, a lot of them sucked. But some of them didn’t suck all that much, I may trot them back out at random intervals. Some editing may occur for clarity, typos, or to make me seem slightly more intelligent or less stupid, as the case may be.

The following post is one that I find interesting to read now, five years later, living a much different life than I was then. It’s a post about these insane parents of two-year-olds and a very crazy thing they were doing. Now I actually have my own two-year-old, but back then, he wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye (I wouldn’t even meet my wife until over a year later). It’s easy, when you’re childless, to have opinions on seemingly crazy things parents do, and then to find yourself actually doing them when you actually become a parent yourself.  I am happy to report, however, that I didn’t start doing, or even consider doing, what these crazy jackasses did.

(Originally posted June 8, 2008)

Sadly, however, they are not joking. It seems that out-of-control parenting has gotten further out of control, as News.com.au reports that two-year-olds have started handing out business cards.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

This is not a joke. Apparently something has happened in Australia to make parents completely lose their minds. In what the article calls “a phenomenon that has taken the country by storm,” It seems that these Aussie whackjobs “are investing in business cards for their children.” Business cards. For kids. And they pay about $50 for 50 of them (yeah, it’s Australian dollars, but they’re pretty close to equal to US dollars).

“Ethan feels very important when he trots off to give someone his business card,” says one of the nutjobs who thinks this is a good idea.

I’m not too keen on violence, but this is one of those times when I think people maybe need to have some sense smacked into them. Thankfully, I’m not alone in recognizing that this is insane:

Parenting experts have dubbed the notion “preposterous”, believing it to be a classic example of obsessive parenting.

* * *

Parenting expert Prof Matt Sanders from the University of Queensland, said kids should be kids.

“Giving children business cards is totally unnecessary,” he said. “There is nothing they could possibly gain. It’s just a silly gimmick.”

I’m not sure you need to be a “parenting expert” to understand this, but apparently, in Australia, you do.

(Via Dave Barry’s blog.)

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