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Tricky Business

I am learning that there comes a point in your children’s lives where they start taking things they hear and experience outside of what you thought of as their sphere of influence, and use them in everyday conversation. I realized … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Hell is Other Concert-goers

At one point in my life, I used to like to go to concerts, and in fact, there was a while where I went to a lot of them. But I started to realize that there were a lot of … Continue reading

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It Takes a Lot of Heart

A guy in Detroit had a heart attack, and, as you might expect, called 911. And, as you might also expect, one of the EMTs did CPR on the guy while the other one drove. But then, in the middle … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: You have GOT to be Joking

It’s time for Flashback Friday, because “Throwback Thursday” is for lame wannabe hipsters (and not at all because I didn’t think of doing this until Friday). I started the first incarnation of this blog just over ten years ago, when … Continue reading

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Things People Need to Stop Doing

I know it shouldn’t surprise me, but I do still find myself amazed at people doing things that, frankly, boggle my mind. The world could be a much better place if everyone would stop doing the following things: Answering the … Continue reading

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Big Brother is Watching… and Bored Out of His Mind

I recently read a post that describes some new location-tracking features coming soon to the next iPhone operating system, iOS 7 (which is still in beta). Location tracking isn’t new, but these features apparently keep track of where you go, … Continue reading

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A Really Useless Engine

Our son is two and a half, and like many toddlers, he enjoys watching the standard toddler/pre-school fare of such TV shows as Yo Gabba Gabba, Dinosaur Train, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, (God help me) Barney the Dinosaur, and Thomas … Continue reading

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To those of you who are new readers, welcome.  This is basically a spot for me to indulge my love of/pathological need to engage in writing.  What you’ll see here is basically any number of posts about anything that happens … Continue reading

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